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Originally Posted by Mikey likes it View Post
1) What is the convention related to updating the photo on the passport for the 3 yo. Passport is good for 10 years but somehow I don't think she'll much resemble her 1.5 yo photo when she's five or six.
2) Do newly issued passports contain the RFID chip, or is there some impending date by which they will contain such a chip?

The answers to the questions above will help me decide whether to get a passport for my 7 mo old now.

Child passports in the USA are valid for 5 years, according the State Department website - don't know when they started issuing 5-year v. 10 year for minors. When the passport is renewed, the following will have to occur:
  1. New original application created. The regular renewal application cannot be used until a regular passport (non-minor) passport has been issued and the holder is greater than 16 years of age.
  2. Both parents and the child in question must appear in person at an approved passport acceptance facility. If one parent is not available, there are instructions to the form/affidavit that is required to be presented to acknowledge the passport issuance.
  3. Two current pictures must be attached to the passport application, in addition to the same documentation required on the original application.
  4. If renewing, the original passport must be surrendered. It will be returned with the new passport, after having holes punched to invalidate its continued usage.
I had similar questions when I requested passports for my four rugrats a few months ago. Those answers listed are what I received. In addition, all four passports, received from the National Passport Agency, Washington, DC, were RFID-equipped.

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