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Passports and children: RFID question and therefore "security" related

This is security related in that my real question is whether a passport when updated with a new photo, or just renewed because of expiration, requires a reissue meaning that the RFID chip will be in the reissued passport.

My 3 yo daughter has a passport that was issued when she was about one and a half. My 7 month old daughter does not have a passport yet. Two questions:

1) What is the convention related to updating the photo on the passport for the 3 yo. Passport is good for 10 years but somehow I don't think she'll much resemble her 1.5 yo photo when she's five or six.
2) Do newly issued passports contain the RFID chip, or is there some impending date by which they will contain such a chip?

The answers to the questions above will help me decide whether to get a passport for my 7 mo old now.

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