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Originally Posted by SDF_Traveler View Post
As far as always being SSSS'd, how do you go about buying your tix?

I see you're based in Doha? FWIW, I've heard part of the 'SSSSelection' criteria is where your tickets are puchased and form of payment. Curious if you had the tix purchased back in Qatar and that may be flagging you?

Sorry to hear about the loss of your "dangerous" Tequilla flying MEX-FRA-BUD. I've heard mixed things about taking duty-free liquor through EU transit airports, but haven't tested the waters out of fear of confiscation.
That particular ticket I bought on-line from I did it from a computer in Dubai, but I highly doubt travelocity is passing on ip address info to the TSA. Other tickets I've travelled to the USA with were purchased direct from SAS in Stockholm, from a travel agent in Guadeloupe, and again, on-line in the USA. They've been paid for with cash and with credit, they have been one way and return, no real pattern that I can try to connect with the SSSS thing. What really irritates me is that of course you cannot get SSSSed on your way INTO the USA, only on the way out. So as I always point out to them, I got on the plane without special inspection on the way HERE, so if the standard inspection is not adequate to detect explosives, wouldn't I have ALREADY blown up the plane if that was my intent?

What I understand about transferring in the EU is that if you orginate in the EU, and change planes in the EU, they can provide duty free items in bags with tamper-evident seals, and as long as you keep them sealed it's fine. But things originating from outside the EU need to be in checked luggage. I just wish the H*%LL the Mexicans had told me that -- I easily could have checked them there in Mexico City.
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