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Volunteering info when purchasing ticket

In news release today... ( but probably already hammered elsewhere on this board ).

"The new proposal envisions offering domestic passengers the option of providing their date of birth and gender when they purchase their tickets. Currently, only the passenger's name is required at the time of purchase although date of birth and gender often become known to transportation security officers later in the boarding process.

Transportation Security Administrator Kip Hawley said that volunteering those two pieces of data at that earlier point would help reduce the chance of misidentification when passenger names are matched against the watch lists.

"With the full name, we can resolve 95 percent of the cases correctly. The date of birth adds 3.5 percent to that, and the gender adds another one percent," Hawley said."

.. and all this will be done now BEFORE the plane can leave the ground ( opening up all sorts of timing/reality issues ).


1. People aren't stupid. Why would a terrorist use their own name and their own real documents, given they know the U.S. has name checks? Do they understand how easy it is to take an existing document for a like person ( who is a sympathizer) in age and appearance and modify that document?

2. If the gender and date of birth are volunteered... and all they do is check the paperwork/computer entries... who's to say what they said is true? Are the gate folk now supposed to look at these fields and pull folk off to the side if they don't think the gender or date of birth is correct? Can anyone tell if the person was born 12/25/1975 vs 6/15/1975? And frankly, I've found I've accidently gone through TSA security with the wrong boarding pass several times... and they didn't even notice that it had the wrong city pairs.

So now we have "enhancements" that make no more practical sense than what we had before.


( whoops, other people posted stuff while I was composing this. If we can move this as a response under theirs, I'd appreciate it. )
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