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The more I think about this, the more it ticks me off. Let's hope the story is not true, since the TSA has yet to make the announcement themselves.

Of course, seeing as how they know they'd get awful PR for this policy, I can see why they'd hold back on announcing anything if it is indeed true.

I might cut back on a few electronics I carry just to avoid the hassle, but the laptop, cell phone, and often camera are essentials which cannot be left behind.

And I hate to think of the fact that I often put other electronics, carefully packed, in my rollaboard, which I'd then have to unpack, etc., at the checkpoint, well, that's maddening to even consider. These are things which I do not trust in checked bags--and I try to avoid checking bags, anyway--but which I don't need during the flight, and thus don't pack in my laptop bag. Things like the chargers, sometimes another camera lens or so, etc. And the times I travel with my entire camera setup... sheesh, I don't want to think about having to empty all of that out.

This seems more and more like a measure to provide screeners and pickpockets with early Christmas gifts, rather than any sort of real security.
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