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You sure that's the right link? Looks like a story about a family with 17 children to me.

It will disgust me to have to get all electronics out... and I won't do so, until the TSA starts arresting me for not doing so.

I can recall in the early TSA days and shortly after 9/11 in the pre-TSA days having screeners direct me to remove all electronic items during a secondary / hand inspection of my bags. It really blew the minds of some of them how much electronic stuff I have.

These days, I have my laptop (already comes out); iPod + Bose QC2s (do these need to come out of the QC2's case, too? ); various camera gear, including chargers; spare batteries for everything from the laptop to the QC2s to camera gear; my cell phone + charger; a couple of thumb drives; often a small USB external hard drive (or two!); a small flashlight (is that electronic); and other assorted junk. If the TSA wants it all out, they can do a secondary of the bag each time. I'm not taking it out for them.
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