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Actually, acting weird and making animal noises is probably a pretty good deflection strategy. If you look like you'll be a handful to deal with, troublemakers will let you alone. (I am reminded of Steve Martin's dictum: if you are alone on a street at night and someone comes up to rob you, throw up on your money.)

For two youngish "thugs" to be working in concert to trap a strange child for sex is way, way off the profile. Sex predators tend not to have peers as friends at all, let alone go trolling with them. I suspect your son misinterpreted an odd, inappropriate remark as a threat, and your wife in turn misinterpreted your son's account as evidence of a sexual approach.
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I hope these two learn that we as a society have gone from pretending that sexual predations on children don't happen, to the fear that they're happening all the time, everywhere.
Thanks to the mass media and Dateline NBC we have come to believe that sex criminals preying on children they don't know is a very widespread phenomenon. It is not; statistically we should be more worried about our kids getting stung to death by bees.
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