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Wow! I am really AMAZED that so many FlyerTalkers were actually on that plane and can have opinions about whether she interfered with a flight attendant or not.

I was NOT on the flight. However, I have gone to the court's website and read the complaint, and the affidavit supporting the arrest warrant. Talks about the 7 passengers who complained of her beating the children, non-stop profanities, threatening the flight attendant if she did not give her more alcohol, and how the flight attendant had to have a corrections officer switch seats and sit next to her for the remainder of the flight, while she kept uttering profanities, and the FA had to stand next to her with restraining tape, and had to reassign her duties to the other FAs in order to keep this woman from any further outbursts or improper action.

Anyone who wants the complaint, and affidavit supporting the arrest warrant can e-mail me.

Seems like interference with a flight crew to me.
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