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Originally Posted by MikeMpls View Post
Sounds to me as though it might have involved more than "talking back":
When a flight attendant intervened, Freeman allegedly threw a drink on the floor and confronted the flight attendant in a common area.

Freeman told investigators that she slapped her children because they were fighting over a window shade. She denied throwing a drink, saying she had set it down on the floor on the aisle and added she "lost it" while on the plane.

Let's not kid ourselves. A SFO-DEN flight. It's takeoff, roll the beverage cart out and about 75 minutes of nothing else until prepping the cabin for landing.

Yes, I'm probably taking this into semantics territory, but I get so irritated with the weakest interpretations are used for laws that are meant to be used for more egregious violations.

Physically blocking or assaulting an FA or damaging the aircraft....that's what I think "interference with a flight crew" should be used for.

I'm not trying to defend this mother of the year candidate, but this "interference with a flight crew" -- where does it stop?
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