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As has been said, the people who attend the meeting are possible buggers, digital dicatphones in their pockets probably won't get picked up by a bug sweeper, especially if they arrive after the sweeping is done . Be aware that some MP3 players (let alone PDAs) offer the ability to record messages/conversations and one of my coleagues 'accidentally' tested hers out and could hear loads of office conversations whilst she was away from her desk.

I guess it comes down to the question how important is the business you are trying to protect, and how certain are you it is likely to be bugged? Are you worried that someone is likely to use a laser microphone to get info, or is it more likely they will just get an attendee drunk, and then pump them for info?

Changing rooms at the last minute, and then sweeping everyone (with a good handheld metal detector) who comes in and removing any electronic devices/pens you find to outside the room, and everyone writes with your supplied pencils is probably your best bet.

It used to be possible (and may still be) with an analogue phone to apply enough electricity to the line, to get the phone to pick up without actually needing to lift the handset. Then by turning up the gain you could hear what was being said in the room. So you might want to unplug the handset as well, or is that just taking things a bit too far ?
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