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Originally Posted by DanTravels View Post
If the information above doesn't constitute a sufficient rationale for why I posted here originally, instead of continuing to go back and forth with Mike, please just PM one of the moderators - xyzzy, slippahs or thezipper - and suggest that the thread be moved. It's been here for almost a month now - maybe they just didn't notice it.
I'll be the first to admit that moderators can't see and read everything; we all travel, have day jobs, and have lives outside of Flyertalk. My apologies in advance for anything that might be missed.

As to this thread, you'll notice that I deleted a few posts for being off-topic. If you do find a thread and/or posts that don't seem to be in the right topic, I'll echo what Dan has stated: please kindly send us a PM and let us know (of course, Report Bad Posts should be saved for the naughty stuff, like personal attacks and such). There's no need to discuss it on thread.

And, as to this thread, I'm on the fence. So we'll just leave it here for now. Dan did of course receive the operational upgrades on account from his WorldPerks status...

-slippahs, NW forum co-moderator

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