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We also watch them inspect one real wreck of a suitcase, strapped from top to bottom and taped from side to side. The owner should seriously consider saving his pennies and buying a new one. A couple of us were quietly better whether or not they would tape it back up. At the conclusion of the inspection, he put the strap back on very carefully and then reached for a big roll of strapping tape.

Two things that always alarm the CTX: peanut butter & barbecue sauce. One civic minded mind FT'er asked aloud if we should always pack barbecue sause together in one suitcase. The less civic minded among us were thinking, "Peanut butter in every suitcase! Shut down the system!".

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I always thought gate passes meant 'SSSS' treatment? Or is this no longer policy? Most of us had Delta issued Security Documents to clear security and it was the routine just shoes off, empty pockets, and thru the WTMD.
At MSP I can always get a gate pass for the WorldClubs on day's notice, and they are never SSSS'd.

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Did they make you take off your shoes before the tour?
They even confiscated my wife's 2 oz. bottle of hairspray because none of us had a baggie to put it in. I'm still trying to figure out how a baggie can contain the explosion resulting from such a critical mass of hair spray.

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