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Thanks for the report. I didn't notice the Serendib lounge had showers. Then again I was very tired (fell down the little step between bathroom and main part of lounge ).

Originally Posted by SAT Lawyer View Post
However, checking-in for our CMB-originating SQ flights at the transfer desk left a lot to be desired. We were first told to have a seat for twenty minutes even though the monitors suggested that check-in for our flight was ongoing. Then when the CMB airport staffer retrieved our boarding passes, they were printed on economy class card stock, although our seat assignments were correct. Based on our transit experience, I would probably recommend actually clearing immigration and checking-in through the normal channels when connecting at CMB to a non-UL-operated flight, time permitting, as we did on our outbound journey.
I understand this is a temporary issue. SQ at CMB has changed computers and transit desk is unable to issue BP (someone goes landside to check you in). From what I've heard the transit desk computers will get the ability to check in SQ again shortly.
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