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Thank you for posting the link to^ ^ Have always wanted to track my flights, seeing that I've kept all my tickets and boarding passes since the age of 12...Am not one to collect, but for some reason have kept all my flight stuff. Have an entire box full of tickets, boarding passes, amenity kits and menus. After 10 hours of transcribing my flight data, came up with the followering;

-Flight Distance in KM: 1,035,488 or 643,422 Miles
-Booking Classes: F-65, C-47, Y-264
-Total flights: 376

I would imagine this figure would appear small along side of the many other Frequent Flyers on this site. All my flights have been for personal reasons, just to travel and see the world. But I was pleasantly surprised having passed the million KM mark...

Again, thanks for posting the link.^ ^
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