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The small Vietnamese crabs closely resembled the "Mud" crabs that I had in Sandakan, Sabah. Since the menu was in Vietnamese with passable English subtext, I was able to determine that they were crabs. What I did not know was whether they were frozen, just plain dead lying around in the 30 degree C. heat or alive. Since I speak no Vietnamese and the proprietress understands no English except "Beer", I wiggled my fingers mimicking the movement of a living crab, she nodded her head and actually brought me the moving small creatures for my approval before preparing them.

Unfortunately, like the mud crab, they are small and not particularly meaty nor sweet. They were fine prepared in the manner they were. They definitely did not have a chile or pepper sauce although a bottle of chili sauce was available.

Next time you are in Phu Quoc, please stop in and view her crab offerings. Her open air restaurant is diagonally across the road from the Saigon Phu Quoc Hotel. It is to the right as you stand in the drive of the hotel.

Next time that you are in Seattle, Marsha and I will attempt to get up and we'll, with Missy of course, eat Dungeness. Of course best served cold with a tangy cocktail sauce.

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