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The worst first class is the one I can't get into...

I've often enough been in the last row and had my meal choice to dispute that claim.... plus, it's nice to get a meal! You should have seen what that widget airline claimed was a "meal" the last time I flew first class (paid, mind you) with them...

And personally, I dislike sticky leather and don't watch IFE -- I actively LIKE the fact that on NW domestic there is no "battle of the windowshades". I know many have a different take, but that should tip you that comparatives and superlatives are very subjective.

It is very much a matter of personal preference. Since I have never had the pleasure of Potentate Class (tm) on a far or middle eastern airline, but have too often had the less-than-pleasant experience of North American coach, I can stay happy with NW first, thank you very much.

I believe that NW does successfully demand higher returns for elite status by making us loyal -- fly more or less conveniently -- in return for the bribe. That has to count for extra cash in the till, eh?

If enough of us like the NW approach, they'll do okay.

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