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Using Display Options to Search Instead of Using the Search Feature

At the bottom of your browser window, you will find the Display Options area. I use the features found in this area many times to search for information instead of using the actual Search function.

For example, you may want to search for an extremely popular thread to which someone posted within the last two months.

To search for popular threads within a certain period of time:
  1. Go to the Display Options area near the bottom-right corner of the window of your browser.
  2. Choose Number of Replies in the Sorted By pop-up list.
  3. Choose a desired timeframe — in this case, Last 2 Months — from the From The pop-up list.
  4. If desired, choose either Ascending or Descending in the Sort Order pop-up list.
  5. Click on the Show Threads button.
The results will show all threads within two months with the most — or least — replies first, depending on whether you chose Ascending or Descending in the Sort Order pop-up list.

Number of Views will also work here instead of Number of Replies, but with different results, as the threads that appear as a result of your search will be sorted by the number of times the threads were viewed instead of the number of replies the threads had replies posted to them.

Options that are available to you in the Display Options area include:

Showing Threads will display in the dark blue area how many threads are being displayed on the “page” which you are viewing — for example, Showing threads 1 to 25 of 175 means that you are currently viewing the first 25 threads out of a total of 175 threads in that forum, based on the options chosen below.

Sorted By allows how the desired method the threads should be sorted in a forum using one of the following choices:
  • Thread Title sorts threads by title in alphabetical order.
  • Last Post Time is the default for FlyerTalk, which lists threads in chronological order depending on the time something was last posted to each thread.
  • Thread Start Time displays threads in the chronological order in which they were created.
  • Number of Replies sorts threads by the order of how many replies were posted to them.
  • Number of Views sorts threads by the order of how many times those threads were viewed.
  • Thread Starter sorts threads by the alphabetical order of the names of the FlyerTalk members who launched those threads as original posters.
  • Thread Rating is useless as of when this information is posted, although it will list threads by how they have been rated even though the Thread Rating system is currently disabled on FlyerTalk.
From The allows only the threads within a certain selected period of time to be sorted in a forum using one of the following choices:
  • Last Day
  • Last 2 Days
  • Last Week
  • Last 10 Days is the default used for many forums on FlyerTalk, although there may be some forums which may have this set to a different default due to the history of traffic to those forums.
  • Last 2 Weeks
  • Last Month
  • Last 45 Days
  • Last 2 Months
  • Last 75 Days
  • Last 100 Days
  • Last Year
  • Beginning will list every thread in that forum in chronological order.
Sort Order determines the order in which threads are to be sorted in a forum either chronologically or alphabetically, depending on what is selected for Sorted By, using one of the following choices:
  • Ascending
  • Descending
After choosing the desired settings in how the threads should be sorted, one must click on the Show Threads button in order to activate the results.

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