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Perkology... huh?

BigLar I feel your pain...

I think you are trying to post about the NW Perkology gig, which is a new promo to earn miles on Northwest. Not that I am any thread stickler, but if so, this one belongs in NW forum (although I was never certain if a post has to do with two things--in your case, NW promos AND hotels--then which forum does it really go in, AND, if a post has to do with say, Northwest miles, does it go into the NW forum or the miles forum? What if it also deals with TRAVEL on NW too? Then where?)

Annnnnyway (now I'm being more confusing than Marathon Man is when he writes longg posts! Wait, I am him! Like OMG )


[deap breath icon here]

1) perkology:
It's got to do with an ad from target stores--you know, the cool ones on TV that have all these really cute, flirty 20-30 something 'perky' women dancing around in red and white progressive graphics and hot music to drive traffic to their store with only hinting at the name once but using the target symbol throughout.

2) it is an ad about coffee and perkilators?

3) some play on something to do with colleges, universities and the whole "NWA Courses" you can take on their web site for up to 300 bonus miles... Who knows.

yeah, fire the bloke!

Keep your promo, just give me the miles! (taken loosely from that new PINK song, "You and your hand" where she says, "Keep your drink - just give me the money")

I would suggest that if you are trying to maximize perko-whatever NW miles using hotels, you save EVERYTHING and then find all the errors in their wording. As much as NW like sto put out seemingly workable promos many times on their site, they are often riddled with errors and loopholes that a creative, crafty mind (like mine ) can and does always figure out.

I have no forthcoming hotel stays that would count, as far as I can tell, but I plan to get the NW platinum Visa I have now upgraded to a Signature one, and then go spend many $$ AT a hotel and see if it flies.

I go to the NWA mall a lot too so maybe that will work as well.

Good luck, mate!
you'll find a way!

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