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Originally Posted by sh9168 View Post
For the first time in 6 years of traveling, I got to use one of the people movers at IAD. I have to admit I like the set up and the roomyness of the main terminal. 1 question though. Can someone tell me what the big fin on the roof of the people mover is for? I watched them and couldn't figure it out for anything. Thanks
I do not recall the fins on top of the PM's at CDG.

I think in early days, most flights were served by PM's with lift. the PM gate was the departure gate, and the flight time was when you got onto the PM. 747's loaded from at least 4 doors.

this system, and use of busses is common throughout europe. drive to plane in CDG, FRA, MUC can take almost as long as the flight. sort of funny to see people push and shove and cram to get into bus. end up in middle of bus, and be among the last on the plane.
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