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izzik said:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">at least your elite status (regardless of level) will be much more valuable, now that you'll be cutting a significantly longer line.</font>
From the RCC at LAX...just checked in and it was quicker than before 9/11.

Went into PE line & right to counter. Checked 1 bag, the agent called a uniformed baggage security guy to take the bag. He looked at it & put it on the regular belt.

Upstairs to the security lines and I was told to take the first one (nobody in it) as that was the PE line. About 8-10 in each of the other 3 lines.

I watched as MOST of the people on the other side of security were being wanded, taking off shoes, having bags hand checked, etc.

I put all my metal stuff, cellphone and wallet in my carryon. Put my laptop in tray on belt and breezed through detector first pass. Picked up my bags and waded past a sea of barefooted folks being MAJORLY screened/wanded. Almost felt guilty, but that passed quickly.

This compared to a nightmare I went through last week in PDX at AS security and again at the gate.

The only thing consistent about it is still the inconsistency, random or not.
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