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are you doing the stay on points or paid? If its paid, I'd consider moving to the Hyatt. While they are also doing renovations, its a much better hotel to start with (Hyatt vs the Wyndham).

Also, the Hyatt has a nicer pool area and a more established staff.

I was planning on splitting my stay 6 nights at the Hyatt and 3 at the Westin, but wound up with 7 at the Hyatt, 1 at the Westin and went home a day early.

I'm really disappointed in the Westin b/c I was looking to find a *wood on Aruba that I could stay at--I'm sick of trying to accumulate Hyatt points just to burn for one week in Aruba (I go down the week before Christmas every year). A Westin with no award blackouts would have been great, but given the condition of the hotel, mgmt and staff, this one ain't worth it yet.

If you have to stay at the Westin, I'd ask to see the room first before you check-in. Make sure the floor is really renovated (not just partially complete). I would also contact Sonia Bryson in advance--she seems to be on the ball at the hotel. Its the rest of the staff that is still learning that being a Westin requires a different level of customer service...
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