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Originally Posted by starlight View Post
No doubt it's been mentioned and I will get directed to a thread but here goes...

Are the cabin 'bell' sounds available on the internet anywhere (I would like to use them in a talk I'm giving about the safety of patients in a hospital)?

Secondly, do we know what they mean e.g. take a 747: it usually had a two-tone bell when the flight deck are wanting attention and it seems to me if this sounds four times, it puts the crew on alert/requires CSD (other than the full blown 'alert call'). Does anyone know what the various signals are??
Not sure where you would get them however as for the tones in the cabin.

The multiple tone (four dongs on the bell) tells the crew ATC have given the aircraft clearance to take-off next, or perhaps line up and wait on the runway sometimes without stopping at the holding point. Either way it won't be long until take-off!

As for the chime on the Airbus family (A319.20.21) this is quite an interesting one. The chime after take off indicates the nose gear is up and locked. Now I believe in the days when smoking was allowed, this would simultaneously switch the no smoking light off. As this is no longer the case it remains on yet the chime is still heard. So at least you know the landing gear has retracted!
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