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No flames - just need to understand...

Hi, one of those lurkers turned posters here...

I need to travel EDI-ORD return in June next year. I've been searching through this forum, and my head is buzzing. Assuming I wish to travel a bit further forward than normal, and I've got a few BA miles in the bag, what do I do?

1) WT+ then upgrade to NCW - about 1200 I reckon +25K miles
2) WT then upgrade WT+ about ?600 and the same miles?
3) Find a cunning route that does this a bit cheaper?

NCW looks a league ahead of WT+, but I've never had the cash or opportunity so far - hopefully next summer. Is the extra money really worth it (if it's your own money!)

All hot tips from the masters of this mile-juggling lark greatly appreciated. Or directions to a single posting that explains it all in a lucent, coherent and single-syllable format for us thickies!
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