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Originally Posted by Smirnoff
You could always take a short term rent on a dive somewhere within the zone, re-register your car to that address, get a couple of utility bills, and way hay (whey hey?) you qualify for a 90% discount.
Nice one.. except you don't know Mrs Philco:-
Whilst, like most of us (myself included) she thinks nothing of her personal annual responsability for +- 30,000 lbs of CO2 emmissions as she moves in luxury to an fro at 39,000ft (, it behoves her to change to a hybrid car in order to do her bit. As she drives a mere 2000 miles a year that will, according to the same source, save the world to the tune of just 400lbs of co2 annually. Tragically the figures don't persuade her. My only hope is to earn lots of miles from the purchase to offset the unwarranted cost of a Prius. (feeling cynical today - sorry folks) By the way, why do all Hybrids have to look as ugly as sin? Flight international a few weeks ago had a story of an eco-Hybrid aircraft with no windows and "jets" within the fuselage. Yuk! Sounds no better than a Prius!
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