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I know several on this board want to see the 735s go away, but I think this is a sign they'll be around for awhile.....and I think it's actually a good sign.

Several had surmised that when the new deliveries came online in '08 and '09 they'd be parking the 735s and possibly some 733s..... I guess they still could, but this is certainly a sign that they intend to keep these aircraft in service and continue to grow the airline......which of course is a good thing.

I delivered a 757 to Greensboro last week for the winglet installation, and it's a pretty fascinating operation. The aircraft is out of service for 16 days while they modify the structural innards of the wing. 737s are actually designed for the winglet a bit better, so it's a lot faster mod.

In any event, I see this as good news, that the fleet will continue to grow.....

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