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was thinking that his rate for a half day (4 hours) is 22,000 yen - and that he could do a round trip in a half day. Doubt it. On the other hand - his rate for a full day is 44,000 yen (don't know whether extra gas charges would apply for such a trip) - and the trip can be done in a full day - yes? Considering what a first class reserved seat costs - and the fact that the idea of taking 2 trains - with a transfer at Tokyo station - carrying luggage - in a strange country - after a 12-13 hour plane flight - well the sound of it is just exhausting.
You also have highway tolls, 20,000(?) + JPY or so if he's driving kyoto-narita-kyoto. Combined with his fee, seems like a really expensive option to take.

If there is a lot of luggage, takkyubin is not to expensive and next day delivery.

To me it would be more exhausting taking a 6+ (?) hour in a car/van from Narita Airport to Kyoto, than it would to take two fast comfortable trains.

Of course the OP is open to whatever they decide, but if it were going to cost me 44,000-64,000 JPY to get to Kyoto, I'd take the train.

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