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Originally Posted by kaukau
Wow - that is some story, my FT friend. Holy shnykies, you got some onions! I once told a Customs Agent - when he asked what it was - that a baggie of powdered milk was "Just some cocaine." and watched bug-eyed as he stuck his finger in it and tasted it! He yelled at me "This isn't cocaine!" and I said "What - you mean I got ripped off?" I told him I was just kidding, but he got all mad! Took about 25 more minutes before I got out of there too. I'm too old for that kind of fun, now, but you got some onions!
Totally different scenario. All the OP did was write "Kip Hawley is an Idiot" on a bag. That is not a threat, nor is it an indication of any lawbreaking. Telling an ICE agent that you have a baggie of cocaine is quite a different story!
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