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China Silk Market Prices Dec. 2005 Trip

- "Seven ("for all mankind"?) This brand is popular with the ladies jeans = $7.81
- Women's sunglasses (Prada, D&G, Chanel) = $2.50 each
- Men's Nike running shoes = $15.63
- Normal-big Louis Vuitton (LV)) purse = $10
- Burburrys (and LV) women's shoes = $6.25
- LV makeup kit including leather bag = $6.25
- LV women's wallets = $3.75
- Gucci women's watches $4.17
- LV women's watch = $4.38

- Assorted DVD's from St. hawker (only 9 were the real DVDs) = $0.94 each
- Set of His and Hers Rolex watches from St. hawker = $4.69

The above prices were my best prices after haggling then down as much as possible. I often found that I was better able to negotiate the more bags I had with me. By then I sort of knew the prices and they also knew that I had been shopping and they knew that I knew the prices. So a lot of times I'd walk up to their stall and they'd ask how much I paid for the purse for example and I'd say 80 yuan ($10) and instead of them starting at 800 yuan and wasting both of our time, they'd start at 100 and I'd be able to work them down to about 10% under what I bought at the last place for. Also, you can get better prices if you buy more. For example, they might want $10 for one purse, but if I buy 5, I might be able to haggle them down to $45 for all 5.

I enjoy the haggling and make a nice game out of it, but as evidenced by above posters, not everybody enjoys it. If you don't enjoy haggling, you might want to go to a brick and mortor store and pay the more expensive price, but normally you can't find knockoffs there, rather you get the stuff that Chinese people buy at the prices that Chinese people pay. For example, I was going up to Harbin in the winter and lost my coat, so I bought a huge nice ski jacket (no name or Chinese name brand) for ~$18 that probably would have cost me $100+ in the USA. Anyways, hopes this helps.
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