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I've stayed on corporate rates that were considerably less then you could get as the lowest available rate. Those have been specific to one property, and they have asked for proof I was "allowed" to use that rate from the company (in the most recent case, it was as simple as bringing the training notebook back).

I've also stayed on rates that were for private groups without being part of that group, the clown convention in Mystic for example, though it's pretty much up to the desk if they figure you out if they want to allow you that rate or not. In this case, it was the front desk that asked "would you like the clown convention rate?" I said I wasn't there for that and they asked again "Would you like the clown convention rate, half of what you reserved?"

I said OK.

I have also seen rates that were not generally available at first glance, you would have to pull down all rates. I posted about one set of those last summer (I remember because I was moving and staying in hotels a bit as the closing kept getting more and more messed up). One was some stupid rate at the Milford, CT Hampton. It was like $60 for the Visit NYC rate. It didn't include a train pass, the hotel isn't exactly close to the train station, and it's like a 90 minute train ride. Stupid promotion, but it was there, and we took advantage of it several times.

One afternoon, the closing was again put off, we didn't have internet, so we had to call. Call the hotel, they transfered you to the 800 reservations. Ask for a room at the Milford Hampton that night, they quoted like $129. Ask if we could get the $60 Visit NYC rate, they type a couple keys, and go "OK".

I always ask if there is a lower rate available when I check in, sometimes yes, most times no. I also check constantly online should something come up and snag it when it does.

I will not book rates though that I don't have a clue of plausibility being part of that group. Those who know me know that I could possibly pass for the clown rate, but when the Hampton in Chelsea had the Lesbian convention rate on the website as available, even I figured that would be a stretch if they wanted to enforce it.

There are rates out there, just not generally available to find. I believe it's for marketing tracking, so they can see where people are coming from. Check the rest areas as you drive, check the local magazines, you can find them from time to time.

For corporate codes for one property, I just used one of these, but again I was visiting that company, though of course they don't ask that online:

Enter Corporate ID# 560074728

Enter Corporate ID# 560074728

The actual room rates were lower then quoted above, a very good deal for the dates I was there. They did not work for other Austin properties, so I assume they are only set for those properties.
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