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Originally Posted by onefreetraveler
On Friday, I found out that my employer will be changing my territory. I used to travel to many different cities throughout the US. Based on this new position, I will be required to spend approx. 10 nights per month in Atlanta.

So, based on this change, I'll still earn the FF miles and I can always continue my hotel programs. However, I may consider actually buying a home in the Atlanta area. This would not be my primary residence, but merely a place to live during my business trips to ATL.

Now, my employer pays for all my travel expenses and at $200 per night, the monthly hotel expense will be a minimum of $2000.

I wonder if I could convince them to reimburse me for a portion of my mortgage at a discounted rate of $100 per night. To me, it's a win-win situation. My company saves $100 per night or $1000 per month and I receive $1000 per month towards my mortgage in Atlanta.

Has anyone ever proposed a similar idea to their employer?

Does anyone currently have an agreement like this with the company that they work for?

Buuut whaaat abooout the pooooiiinnnnts?!?!?
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