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Originally Posted by RosiNYC
I'm aware that there is a no cancellation/refund policy, considering that there is ongoing construction at the hotel is there any way I can get out of this?
Not likely.

However, if you are truly a first-time user, then compile all the "bad" information into some easy-to-recite, clear and concise bullet points and re-contact PL. If they are renovating, is the pool closed? Are the amenities reduced? Restaurants limited? Beach access blocked? No room service? Don't be hysterical with them on the phone. Citing bad reviews on tripadvisor isn't going to get you anywhere. But if the hotel states on their website that certain "expected" amenities are unavailable, then you may have a shot.

Even then, you will perhaps be given the chance to have a one-time cancellation for a $25 fee.

If you don't get anywhere when you call, wait awhile and call again. Different agents will handle issues differently. Gather facts and cite them. A bad review is not a fact.

If they refuse, chill out and enjoy your trip. A few years ago, tripadvisor was very reliable. Now it often becomes a place for irrational customer diatribes.
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