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6. There are only two things that ketchup is good for: using it with lemon juice to make an emergency sauce for dipping shrimp, and putting it in my homemade barbecue sauce.

7. If ice cream doesn't have some sort of textural contrast (nuts, chocolate chips, etc.) then it's not worth bothering.

8. NO, I don't want my pecan pie heated. Or my apple pie. Or my cherry pie. Or my mac nut pie. No. Apple crisp or blueberry crisp (with approximately three times the "crisp" part more than the recipe says) is acceptable warm with ice cream, but not hot. Room temperature is better than hot.

9. The waffle should be crisp. "Like this, sir?" No, please have the cook make it CRISP. CRISP.

10. While crisp bacon is better than no bacon at all, just-done limp bacon (insert own joke here) is perfect. Even better when cooked over charcoal. Not nearly so good when microwaved.

11. A nicely-done hush puppy is to have a hint of onion. There's a reason it's not known as an onion puppy.
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