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Your personal food rules.....

Inspired by the horror of imperialistic, creeping, sausage-polluting syrup

What are your personal, weird, idiosyncratic "food rules"?

1. Pop Tarts are not to be heated until hot. They are to be only barely warmed. If allowed to heat through, they must cool until only barely warm.

2. Open faced peanut butter (chunky, please) sandwiches are best served on rye toast (or whole wheat). But the rye toast must be toasted crisply, and then allowed to cool to room temperature before peanut butter is applied. No melted peanut butter allowed! Jelly/jam should NEVER be added to open-faced peanut butter toast.

3. There is a reason that God made different chip products in their own bags. Chips of different kinds -- potato chips, tortilla chips, different flavored potato chips, etc. -- must never, after the party, be combined into one bag, and must never, at the party, be combined in one bowl.

4. Tofu? No. Thanks, no.

5. In a salami/pepperoni/etc. and cheese sandwich, or a hamburger, the mustard must be applied to the non-cheese side.
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