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Prayers for Mr. BHH???

If I can have some thoughts and prayers, it has been a tough couple of weeks for Mr. BHH, as IHH can attest. IHH has flown Mrs. IHH out here more times than he can count and everytime she leaves, she comes right back to help us...

Almost 4 weeks ago, he started not being able to see out of his right eye. He went to our eye doctor on a Saturday and she immediately diagnosed and sent his to a specialist, who immediately called a surgeon, who immediately performed surgery. Amazing. He had a detached retina.

He still has basically no vision, but we are hoping in 3 months or so, he might get it back. He still is unable to fly and had to cancel his RTW trip (UK, DUS, HKG).

I will take any thoughts and prayers, because you know I love you guys!

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