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WSJ should have fact checked with you before using your name. It is common courtesy.

While I've never made it to the WSJ, I have been quoted in several publications. All involved either e-mail or phone follow-up. The only thing a journalist cannot guarantee is the actual text that may appear. Editors have the final say.

My favorites:
- in Conde Nast Traveler several years ago, I commented on how the airlines entice you with special luxuries to get you to book a flight with them. In this case United had been promoting their new biz class service - connoisseur class - with new reclining seats and noise canceling headphones. My comment was that unless you check beforehand, not all flights leaving SFO were equipped thusly, and that my headphones squealed instead of canceling the noise. My sennheisers did a much better job.

My point was that you may not get the level of service you paid for, and the airline really only guarantees getting you from point A to point B. Not the level of service!

I had no real complaint to United, though, as I knew service wasn't always what the glossy brochures proclaimed.

I suggested to the writer that United should give vouchers or a credit AUTOMATICALLY when level of service is not what is advertised.

- remember the last time your seat did not recline (or reclined slowly and automatically)
- the headphone jack did not work
- your special meal somehow disappeared, though confirmed
- your aisle seat somehow was in the middle of the row
- your seatmate shared your seat, too

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