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I'm not so sure what Jane did is journalistically unethical, assuming that she, in fact, did as you claim. By posting your real name or real e-mail address -- as I do -- it's not hard for somebody to find out who you are. And this website is part of the public domain to the extent that anybody with internet access can see it. So she is simply taking information from the public domain and reporting on it. It's not much different than a reporter providing a report based on events that they witnessed. But if she did this, while it may not be journalistically unethical, it is still journalistically improper, in my opinion. After all, one might not really be who he or she says they are. It's easy for anybody to create a false identity on the internet. Therefore, Jane may be taking information from a source that is not credible. That is a major journalistic boo boo. But for the record, every time that I have been contacted by reporters from the WSJ, (mostly Rafer Guzman -- never Jane Costello), they have been polite and ethical.
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