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Originally Posted by BHAMFlyer
I have a friend who is traveling to CDG on DL 44 on March 25. His sister is coming as well but on DL 22. Her flight arrives around 9:00 am and he gets in 45 minutes later. She does not ever travel, much less Internationally.

Can someone give me some tips to pass along to them to help guide them once they land to ensure they find each other?

I appreciate everyone's help. I have read this whole thread and there is a ton of info and I am very appreciative of that.

I will also be through CDG on March 29 on my way to GVA. Any tips on finding my connecting flight would be nice as well.

What class are your friend and his sister flying in? And is Paris their final destination? If so, are they staying in town or near the airport?

If they are in biz (and not staying near the airport) I might suggest meeting in the arrivals lounge in 2C so they can have breakfast and a shower. Another choice might be the lobby of the Sheraton for breakfast. If they are staying near the airport, I would suggest going straight to the hotel. And if they are transiting and in biz, I would suggest the lounge of the terminal they will be connecting from.
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