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Talking Two incredible Free Sample Threads

HI all

I have come across 2 free sample threads that are mind boggling long.

The first is here and is written from an Australian perspective.

You should find plenty of current offers there though.

The other is quite different and mindnumbingly long.

You can find it here

This is a French thread although I note the odd Canadian in there.

These guys have been chasing free stuff with a vengeance but not only that they ask for any free advertising stuff - like cups, pens, posters etc. They get a heck of a lot of make up and perfume so the ladies will love it.

Of course the thread is in French. For those that don't speak French babelfish is your friend

Now on the third page someone has devised a sample text in French to be sent to email addresses. I'll reproduce it here.

Madame, Monsieur,

Afin de connaître au mieux votre marque me serait-il possible de recevoir des échantillons de vos produits ?
Si vous n'en disposez pas, peut-être pourriez-vous m'envoyer quelques bons de réductions ?
D'autre part, je fais collection d'objets publicitaires, et donc, dans le but d'enrichir ma collection, accepteriez-vous de m'en envoyer quelques uns ?
Je vous remercie d'avance et vous prie Madame, Monsieur, d'agréer mes sincères salutations.

vos nom,prénom et adresse
I loosely translate that to mean

Dear Sir/Madam

In order to know would your brand would it be possible for me to receive samples of your products? If you do not have any, perhaps could you send some discount coupons to me?

Also, I collect advertising/publicity material, and thus, with an aim of enriching my collection, could you please send some to me?


your name, first name and address
So all you have to do is use the text above with your name address etc, select the appropriate email addresses and off you go.

The thread is absolutely choc a block full of email addresses to send to as well as quite a few web addresses. This should keep you busy over the long weekend (its a long weekend here in Victoria).

If by some miracle you finish with that thread check out the following web site as well

By the way echantillons gratuits means free samples in English.

On y va!

Regards Peter
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