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Endelig fredag to you too!!

My endelig fredag started with SK205 OSL-KRS early in the morning. Was traveling with the CEO for he new company I work for, he always show up at the last moment. I decided to wait for him at the gate, the security line at OSL was HUGE. And as the only capital in the SAS system, we are the only ones not blessed with a fast track..

The boss showed up 9 minutes before departure with gate closing blinking on the screen. He was impressed by me fixing the first row with the middle seat open..

After waiting in line for de-icing, we got on our way 20 minutes late. The flight usually takes half an hour, but because heavy snow at Kjevik airport, we had to circle for 20 minutes for them to clean the snow, leaving us plenty of time to enjoy our NOK 50.- breakfast.

Landed 45 minutes late, no big deal. But it wouldn't stop snowing in KRS..

After visiting our customer service call center, system developers, NOC dept and meeting with the head of the department, we headed back to the airport.

I had a feeling the flight back to OSL would be delayed, and at the airport SK222 was nowhere to be seen... The KRS-BGO flight was waiting for the crew that were passengers on the inbound OSL flight, the CPH flight was also delayed, so the airport was packed.

Finally, 2 hours late, the flight landed and the BGO flight got on its way. We boarded and I could see out the window the Q400 going to CPH was in trouble. It went tech and the CPH passengers had to come with us to OSL, meaning an even longer delay. After packing our flight totally full, SGS decided the flight was too heavy so they had to load off cargo and kick off a couple of ID passengers adding more to the delay. Norwegian comedian, Otto Jespersen was sitting in the row behind me, I think he was as impatient as me..

Finally we got on our way 2 1/2 hours late. We were at the gate at 2130.

Endelig fredag!!!
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