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Originally Posted by ME1st
Another quick question - you all keep speaking of ran, we are not in Kuaui until April 6-17, should be better weather then (although I know there are still showers) correct.

We are quite behind in rain this year. I'd estimate that so far we have received less than 1/4 of last winter's amount. Therefore, we are due for a lot of rain, and IMHO it is likely to happen anytime from now until about May. Rain here comes in two forms: either passing showers or week (or multi-week) long torrential downpours. It is the latter that we are due for. We might typically get 2 to 4 weeks of that per season, and so far we have had only 1. I remember once in my house at Poipu (which is typically quite warm), I was held up for 2 weeks, and used the oven and fans together to try to stay warm.

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