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Me-OW! (As we say in JERZEE) My brain only shuts down when the sun goes down. Need to recharge for that dreaded early morning news writing shift!

But I degress. Here's what the Cat would do:
1. Speak to the Head of customer service at One Pass. Get NAMES (Even when you make a reservation, get names so CO can zero in on the person who made the "magic" tickets disappear.
2. Send by fax (and if necessary) a letter by certified, registered receipt explaning what happened. YOUR TRIP HORROR REPORT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ON THE THESE BOARDS! SEND THAT TOO!! 3. Wait three days and ask them for:
*THe miles pulled and not honored put back in your ONEPASS account.
*Some type of extra one pass "We'Re sorry" mileage award or a free companion ticket so
Sarah Jane can join you on a trip for happier reasons (go away together.)
*Free coupons for drinks at the CO President's Lounge to save when you best FLyerTalk Buddy Catman makes it to Houston (well, that's pushing it.)

Give them HECK JAWS! And tell them they need a better delivery service.

I will post a separate on my horrible experience with Airborne! CATMAN
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