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I hate CDG

CDG is probably the worst airport I've ever experienced. I read through your post and I can't understand if I'm having just incredibly bad luck or if you know something I don't:

I'll tell you my experiences, you tell me what I'm doing wrong:

1) Three times, when I've arrived at CDG to meet a pre-arranged car, the driver could not find me and vice-versa because the arrivals hall is so choked with people that it takes 20 minutes of jostling just to get across the 30' room.

2) It seems virtually impossible to transfer by walking through the airport (I've asked too) and I am directed downstairs to wait for yet another crowded bus to take me the long way around the airport to get to my new terminal. Fighting for space, holding heavy lugagge, unpleasant.

3) Finally, passport control is a joke. I arrived from Johannesburg in August to CDG only to find that there was one control agent waiting for an entire widebody of passengers. Total wait time: 1 hour and 15 minutes. Yes, Heathrow is bad, but no where near as bad as this. There was no other line to go into, just one long hallway and one, slow, disgruntled immigration officer.

I truly can't comprehend a good experience at CDG, but I'll take your word that you have them. I love the French and I speak the language, so this isn't a bashing of all things Gallic. However, I would really have to think hard to find an airport I hated more. Maybe JNB for the sheer annoyance of having to brush away one aggressive beggar after another or Heathrow, for their own messed-up process, but CDG would be hard to beat. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid if possible.
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