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I have never had anything but good luck with getting whatever help I needed at CDG. It is a big airport. Like all big airports that have had to deal with growth and adding terminal space, CDG can be confusing--especially for someone like me who is directionally challenged. But no more so than Logan, JFK, or O'Hare. Things seem to be getting better at these three, but I have gotten completely lost when changing terminals at those airports. And talk about rude people--at least at Logan and JFK!! I hate thinking that many international visitors get their first taste of America at one of these airports.

As for the Fench, I find them extremely hospitable and have discovered, that like Americans, they can't and shouldn't be stereotyped. Before going to France for the first time, I was uneasy because of the horror stories I had heard about the "rude" French. There was no reason to have worried. Paris is like New York in that it is a big city and people are in a hurry most of the time. But also, like New Yorkers, Parisians are proud of their city and are willing to help visitors when approached politely.

The most helpful advice about international travel I ever got was to acknowledge the person I was approaching before tearing into a question or making a demand in English. I think I got this general advice in kindergarten, too. A smile and a simple greeting of Monsieur/Madame, bonjour is all that's needed. Anyone traveling to France should be able to master these three words, or probably should not bother going. If the first person encountered does not speak English, they usually can, and will, find someone within a few feet who does.

Thanks, LawFlyer,for your well-thoughout post. It's easy to make fun of the French, Italians, British, etc. I do it myself. They make fun of us. If we could do more laughing with them and at ourselves, the world would be a better place. In fact, I feel like I should delete a post I recently made, in fun, just a few days ago.

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