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I am not going to speak to all of your comments since you have quite an epic started there.

I do want to say that I personally find CDG ugly, poorly planned and transferring between terminals is really inefficient. It can take a long time to get between two different airlines. Other than that it is ok. (I still like to laugh at the "jetson" tubes that they never feel the need to clean.) It is nice that it has access to the RER and hense the metro.

**I however would not use IAH to point to ways CDG could The new terminals are sort of cool, but the over all design of the airport is pretty lacking. Also the jury-rigged wed-way people mover (with no tops for the cars so you can see the 1970's ceiling tile), running around the marriot is far funnier than the Jetson tubes.

You mentioned the French attitude. If you speak a little French and are vigilant to adhere to all French social customs you will be treated well for the most part. (In fact I think they are much more pleasant to each other than the average American, after the essential platutudes are exchanged.) If you are lacking a "BonJour Madame" or any other correct French action to a situation or transaction, it can illicit the most disrespectful response. Often times you can get a really horrifing eye-roll, and I sometimes wonder if they practice their sneers in the mirror.

I do not hate the French and in fact admire a lot of French society. I do find it funny however that a culture that tries to seem such an example of open-minded inclusivness, can not throw a bone to visitors who are learning. I mean they laugh at the Americans for their cluelessness about other countries and here they are not making any allowances for other cultures. Just my opinion..

*It still doesnt stop me from going to Paris every couple of years and enjoying the morning french bread coffee pastry thing though..

oooh and don't forget the three supermarket isles that just focus on cheese.. I love that..

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