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I have never had any real problems with CDG in general or CO at CDG.

Now this is really a trivial thing. I think Terminal 1 is a dump and hate flying through there....they keep saying they are renovating it...but each time I am there...I fail to see the evidence of this. Now of course CO/NW/AF are all in Terminal 2. When I was a PC club member, I found it a bit annoying to not be able to have access to a PC when flying out on a DL flight...this was just before CO entrance to skyteam... don't know if it is still the same. I don't belong to PC anymore and haven't flown on a skyteam airline to Europe in the last year or so. I find Terminal 2 rather aesthetically pleasing and overall just fine...I don't recall any unusual issues with lines (especially when I shutter as I look at passport control for non-citizens these days at USA airports). Overall I find terminal 2 not any tougher to get around than going from B48 to D12 at IAH!!!

However, I have found luggage connections to be an issue there when connecting....on both tight connections and not so tight. The worse scenario involving luggage involved a tight connection because CO held the flight from leaving IAH because a fair number of BF passengers' flights into iah were delayed...this resulted in my missing my connection in CDG and luggage delay for 4 days. A few other less dramatic delays for luggage through I just pack my carry-on more carefully when the luggage is transfered at CDG. With luggage connections at CDG, I have averaged less than an average 50%
'on time luggage arrival' at my final destination after a change at CDG--i.e. the luggage arrived with me. This is pretty poor in my opinion. I have had more problems on trips to Europe than trips from Europe for some reason. Now of course these are only my experiences. I am sure that there are others who could cite problems with luggage at various other airports....both domestically and abroad.

Regarding France and the French...they are great and never had a problem. I must add though that I have decent fluency with the French language having lived there a dozen or so years ago...and I do think that helps to a certain extent. I do believe that the French appreciate those who behave well and don't have a certain attitude---how do I put attitude that screams 'the world revolves around me'.

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