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MHO: That feeling of entitlement to perks comes from the conscious decision to choose an airline/hotel/rental car company because of the expectation of perks. When those perks don't come or when service is poor, frustation ensues.

I have metal status with a few hotel chains and airlines. Lately, I've recognized that the perks are not as important as the basics. My complimentary upgrade to a FC seat doesn't mean squat if the plane has "mechanical difficulties" and I miss an important meeting.

I was upgraded last week to a spacious suite at the New York Hilton as is typical for my visits. But I have no plans of returning. Why? Continued problems with climate control. I can't get a good night's sleep when the heater pumps out freezing cold air all night, or vica-versa. My contact to Housekeeping to rectify the situation was ignored.

Although I have top tier status with another airline that travels the same route, I'd rather fly Southwest. I may be treated like cattle, but I am more likely to get to my destination on time -- with my luggage.

I abosolutely want the miles, but I am willing to trade my perks for consistent quality, on-time flights, and hotel rooms where I know I can get a good night's sleep.

He who dies with the most miles ... is dead.
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