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Originally Posted by fcn2121
Sorry Murphy. You are incorrect on this one. The A333 has a range of 5650 Nautical miles with a typical load of 295 pax. and cargo ( US Airways' A330 config. has even less pax. capabilities due to the enhanced Envoy product (266 total pax.). Furthermore, there is no place in the continental US that is further than 5650 nm (approx. 6400 miles) from any European airport which is served by US Airways. PHX - NRT is only about 5600 miles and so very easily within nonstop reach.
No, I'm not wrong. Aircraft ranges are tricky things, with lots of factors. Air Canada's A333 has a range of 5635 statute miles. PHX-FRA is 5637 statute miles. I can't find the figures for US's A333, but they're similar to AC's. PHX and NRT are both out of reach.
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