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Originally Posted by ebd

I just recently returned from a reward stay at the Westin PVR after a somewhat disappointing visit. This wasn't my worst visit to a Starwood property, but it was up there among the top 10. Considering I've stayed at your properties over 100 days last year and 97 so far this year, that's saying something and I'm wondering what course of action I have?

I'll start with the good news about the visit. I did receive a wonderful upgrade to a suite on the top floor. With that said.

1) After a long drive across Mexico (8 hour drive) we got into the room and were excited to see the hot tub out on the porch. After cleaning the hot tub out from the soot and gravel that had fallen into it, we started to fill it. After it got about 1/3 full, it began to leak all over the patio. We called maintenance, who took about 30 minutes to show up, they looked at it and said the "wires were all busted up, you can't use it until we fix it tomorrow" and then proceed to track dirt and mud through our entire room while he existed. In speaking to the temp manager that night, his basic attitude was "I'm sorry, nothing I can do, just wait." We had to ask a number of times and remind him that I was a platinum after he had said he couldn't do anything before he reluctantly offered to pay for our dinner that night. The next day they spent about 3-4 hours fixing the thing. That night, we again had to clean the soot and gravel (shouldn't housekeeping be doing this?) and it worked, but still leaked, this time not as bad.

2) Soap and free bottled water were never replaced in our room. I had to call every night to get the complimentary products, especially the bottled water which as you know is much more important in MX than in the US.

3) The fire alarm went off in our room and only our room while we were napping and woke us. When I called to let them know, they said they had no clue what I was talking about but would send a maintenance person. When maintenance arrived, they were like, "your smoke detector is dirty, this happens all the time, we will bring you a new one tomorrow." If it happens all the time, why don't they fix the problem instead of it waking and annoying guests.

4) Although the hotel claimed to have wireless internet, the internet was very spotty in our room. At one point, on the first night, the network completely went out in our entire room, and in the hall. Calling the front desk, they said they had no clue what I was talking about. It was fixed the next day, however, this meant that I was delayed in sending a number of important files to a client. In case you were wondering, the wall jack for internet in our room also didn't work, I tried it too.

5) The platinum amenity, a bottle of wine, was very nice amenity, but it gets a bit annoying when you have to call 5 times to get it to show up and it takes 2 hours?

6) Every morning at 4:32am, the AC in the room makes a noise that could wake the dead and lasts for about 1 minute. It woke us 3 nights in a row and the first night, scared us out of our bed searching the room to figure out what just happened. Not fun.

Overall, I was disappointed with the service in a hotel. This is a vacation, I am not supposed to have to worry about the hot tub, the ac, the amenities, the fire alarm. I paid the hotel 10k / night to worry about this for me. Moreover, the Westin PVR is in pretty bad shape. The shower tiles are moldy, the closets have a hard time closing, the hot tub and fire alarms are old and cranky. Don't you think its time for a revamp of the resort? I'm hoping you will let me know the best way to file my complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Eli Diament
I'm sorry if you had a poor guest experience at this hotel. If it were me, I would contact Corporate Customer Service to let them know about it. 800-328-6242. Or, send them an email with the details to [email protected].

Best of luck.


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