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Recommended Purposes

Please allow me to explain the proposed purposes for this Lounge, and then I will show you around.
  • If you are new to posting to the Delta forum:
    1. Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and meet our members, as well as ask questions pertaining to posting on the Delta forum. You will find many of the Delta forum FlyerTalk members to be quite helpful, knowledgeable, informative, friendly, intelligent, patient, welcoming — and simply fun, so don’t be afraid or shy! You may use this thread to initiate yourself with becoming more comfortable with posting in the Delta forum, while simultaneously getting acquainted with the other Delta forum FlyerTalk members. After all, we want you to feel right at home here!
    2. If you have actual questions that relate to traveling or earning miles on Delta, we recommend that you please start your own topic after first doing a search on the subject or reply to an existing thread that is currently in the Delta forum.
  • If you are an established current Delta forum FlyerTalk member, welcome to your new home for “hanging out” with your fellow Delta forum FlyerTalk members. Just pop open a cold one and discuss almost anything that is on your mind.
  • If you are an established former Delta forum FlyerTalk member, please come back and post in this thread if you have the time. Your fellow Delta forum FlyerTalk members most likely miss you...
Sample topics that may be discussed in the Delta Forum Lounge include but are not limited to:
  • Anything that has to do with Delta Air Lines and the SkyMiles frequent flier program — especially topics that do not warrant launching a new thread or “bumping” an existing thread, no matter how ancillary or tenuous the connection. However, we recommend that valuable information pertaining to Delta Air Lines and the SkyMiles frequent flier program be posted in either a new or existing thread in the Delta forum so that it does not get lost or buried in this thread.
  • Weather-related topics.
  • Cholula hot sauce sightings and recipes, as well as comments and compliments about other condiments about which you relish discussing that can cut the mustard without requiring other Delta forum FlyerTalk members the need to spend a lot of time to ketchup with everybody else.
  • Humorous topics, such as the continuous and relentless escapades and exploits of a certain Delta forum FlyerTalk member and his tireless pursuit of acquiring some of the horde of the vast billions of SkyMiles of another certain Delta forum FlyerTalk member.
  • Requests for the whereabouts of a fellow Delta forum FlyerTalk member who has not posted in the Delta forum in a while.
  • Even discussion pertaining to concrete construction in Italy is allowed, although I will never understand how this topic became popular...
Please feel free to use this thread in any way you see fit, provided that you follow the recommended guidelines.
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