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Originally Posted by CaveatEmpty
Cash value? Methinks you don't want to go there.
How many times have we heard about 'winners' that turned down their miles/points 'prizes' because of the tax liability... is she ready to fork over a fat % of the take ?

Smart choice: one can book award travel/stays to 'gift' to another party.

Leads one to wonder if the interest is in actually *using* the points, or just burning the guy...

Yes, she does actually want to use the points for future trips. She also feels like she's partly earned them too given how much traveling he did for his job. They never saw one another. She worked as well, so it wasn't like she was out there enjoying the perks of travel. She just wants to be able to enjoy her fair share of the travel in the future. The hotel points are the most valuable to her because anyone can afford an airline ticket now. But a week in Maui is a lot better deal at 120,000 MR points than at $300/night. She isn't the breadwinner, and it is the only way she can treat herself to a nice trip like that.

As far as buring the guy, well he burned her pretty bad too. There was a lot of unprotected extracurricular activity in said hotel rooms. But that isn't the issue. The issue is that his travel was at least partly to blame for the dissolution, and she earned it as well with her spouse out more than 2/3 of the year. She sat at home alone and took care of the kids and family needs while he was out doing his job. She should at least feel the perks as a credit for what she did at home while he was out on the road. But I won't go there anymore. This thread is about points and miles not about anythig else. And I don't want it to close.

I did a search with the word divorce, and this was the only post I found. I will try expanding my search later. It is nice to know Hilton will do it. And if the person whose sister did this in MR could PM me and give me more information, that would be great.
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